The Lovely List

We are having fun in the sun this week in Idaho. Have you been? It’s a very pretty state. Maeve is thoroughly enjoying time with her grandparents. I think retirement and the boating life suit her well.

What are you up to this weekend? Something fun, I hope?

Before you dash off, here are my links. Enjoy!

Mommy calling cards. Fantastic idea.

Adorable cookies for the photographer with a sweet tooth.

Why are small things so darn cute? I want these tiny prints.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mind one of these tiny paintings either.

I’ll also take one of these amazingly adorable wooden clocks.

What would Jamie Oliver say about a baguette vending machine? Mais oui!

DIY garlands.  Adorable.

Gorgeous baby-wearing video. Congratulations to Elizabeth of The Littlest.

Finally, the most talented Miranda July has a new movie out. I am thrilled! Will you baby-sit so that we can see it?

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  • August 19, 2011 - | Permalink

    I love your lists!

    I hate to admit it, but until a couple years ago I knew nothing about Idaho. Nothing. Sad, but true. Now, I can wait to visit there someday…it seems like such a beautiful place!

    • redmenace
      August 24, 2011 - | Permalink

      Thank you. I’m so glad you like the lists!

      Idaho is really really gorgeous. I’m going back in September too. A few days just wasn’t enough. This time, however, we are flying. Maeve HATED the car trip!

      Live and learn, I guess.
      Have a great rest of your week!

  • August 19, 2011 - | Permalink

    Enjoy your time:) Sun and water look perfect for a day out.
    Unfortunately I have to work but I want to squeeze in a antique mall visit this weekend.

  • August 19, 2011 - | Permalink

    Wonderful! I really love that cute clock.



  • August 20, 2011 - | Permalink

    That movie looks fantastic. I really liked You and Me and Everyone We Know…I’m trying to figure out what the guy in this movie is from, though. He looks very familiar!

    • redmenace
      August 24, 2011 - | Permalink

      Leslie, It’s one of my fave movies too!

      Have you seen The New Adventures of Old Christine? He’s the male lead on that show. I’ve never seen it, but I recognize him. Who knew he could be so artsy fartsy, eh?

      Speaking of which, the male lead in Me, You, and Everyone We Know plays Kenny Powers’ brother on Eastbound and Down! xo Robin

  • Christy Lukes
    August 21, 2011 - | Permalink

    I LOVE your blog! I also love vacations, lazy weekends at the lake, ANYTHING from Mint….and I wish I had seen those adorable cookies last year because I would have bought a batch as a MAJOR thank-you to your very talented husband after our wedding! Have a great time on your trip!

    • redmenace
      August 24, 2011 - | Permalink

      Thanks, Christy. I will let Kirk know! xo

  • August 22, 2011 - | Permalink

    that movie looks amazing. I hope that it will play close by in MA

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