The Lovely List

This week, I squeezed a fair amount of sunscreen onto a toothbrush. I also put milk in the freezer and made very gritty coffee when I forgot to use a filter. I’m not quite sure where my head is right now. I’ll be back before the week is done, but here are some links to keep you occupied.

I’m dying to see this movie. Please baby-sit for me.

Do you DIY? Learn to make lots of stuff here.

Freckle cream– it’s miraculous in so many ways.

Are you a messy cake froster? Never again!

I think this might be the most perfect baby shower gift.

My new favorite etsy store. I love bird art!

I’m no artist, which is why I love paint by number kits.

Very sweet DIY plant labels.

Are you visiting Seattle soon? Have you seen my offbeat guide?

When I returned from France, no one believed me that I met women there who drank diet shakes at every meal. Here’s my proof.

Remember when Mike Tyson bit that guy’s ear off during a match? Well, he’s a vegan now along with many many others.

Finally, did you catch me on Design Mom last week?! You probably didn’t know about my previous career . . .

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  • June 12, 2012 - | Permalink

    Maeve is so photogenic. Such a sweet little picture.

    • redmenace
      June 12, 2012 - | Permalink

      Thank you, Lisa. It’s so nice to hear from you!

  • Kristy
    June 12, 2012 - | Permalink

    Great list! So sad for Amelia that she felt she needed to bring freckle fading cream on her historic journey!

    • redmenace
      June 12, 2012 - | Permalink

      I know, Kristy. Couldn’t she just use lemons like Jan Brady?!

      Just kidding.

      So great to hear from you!

  • June 12, 2012 - | Permalink

    Ok I should not have read your piece on Design Mom… or maybe I am glad I did.
    I have been unhappy at work, can’t stand the politics, games, egos etc..and want to do something completely different however , I keep thinking “But I went to college and grad school for this, I have invested so much time!”
    But then, I keep thinking how I would feel if I hand in my resignation letter, and I think it would be freedom. I am just scared to pull the plug due to …well not exactly knowing how I would proceed after that. Hard for a non-risk taker like me.
    I really want to see Moonrise Kingdom as well. Not here in Charlotte yet.

    • redmenace
      June 13, 2012 - | Permalink

      Ah, the time invested. I fought that thought forever it seems. Think about the time you have in this world and ask if it’s worth it. I’m no expert and I certainly live on less these days, but I feel life is too short! I’m sending tons of positive thoughts your way. If anything, keep thinking about it.

      When I quit my job I took another job nearly immediately. I lasted 3 hours at that job. Ha ha. Good luck!

  • June 13, 2012 - | Permalink

    A lovely list indeed!, and Maeve already making friends around the neighbourhood!!!, how sweet!!!

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