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The Lovely List

The links are back. Enjoy.

Do you like sushi? I LOVE it. Last night, I watched the most brilliant movie in which sushi takes center stage. It’s called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It will make your mouth water and your aspirations soar.

Have you ever watched Julia and Julia? I found it nearly unwatchable because I was so upset by the loud slurping scenes, which I found revolting. Apparently, I am not alone in my rage at cacophonous eating. What a relief!

Does food writing actually matter?

People in NYC now have access to backyards when they please. Hooray for more barbecues.

Here is just another reason the San Juan Islands are one of my favorite spots in the world. Yum.

Last week, I read Hungry Monkey and was blown away by the hilariously wonderful stories and recipes. If you have children and you want them to EAT, read it!

I also discovered The Homemade Pantry. Alana, where have you been all my life? I will never buy buttermilk again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to know what the world eats.

Over and out, my friends.


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Cooking with Kids | Whole Wheat Pita Bread

This post is the first in a series I hope will be a long-standing one. I am calling it Cooking with Kids and I hope you will enjoy it. Once a month, I will invite a guest to discuss how he or she includes children in the kitchen. Most kids are a handful and cooking with them isn’t always easy. I hope these posts will inspire you to keep trying new things with your children. They have such nimble hands. We must use them!

whole wheat pita bread recipe

Today’s Cooking with Kids post is by Phoebe Carpenter Eells. She is a teacher, blogger, wife, and the mother of two adorable boys. She’s also the genius designer behind these adorable children’s clothes and shop. She is an accomplished home cook to boot.  Phoebe shares some great tips and her kid-friendly recipe for Whole Wheat Pita Bread.



I’m the mama of two boys, a sweet and spirited 3 1/2 year old and an eager 9 month old. Since having kids, many changes in daily life have taken place. One big one is the ever-changing continuum of cooking with them, or finding a way to cook without them. Whenever possible, I try to involve them in the cooking or baking process. I’m here to share one of my favorite kid friendly recipes, and a few tips for cooking with kids.


whole wheat pita bread recipe

My cooking with kids tips:

  1. Plan recipes that are kid-friendly. Baking is mostly knife-free and there are many kid-friendly options.
  2. Set them up with their own “station” for rolling, measuring and stirring. Give them responsibilities with clear instruction.
  3. If a recipe has to be just right, or is for a special event, rethink having kids help. You don’t want to be frustrated when your pitas aren’t round or your brownies have a finger mark in the center.
  4. Go into it knowing that there will be a mess, and that’s ok. They are learning from every piece of the kitchen experience.
  5. For the under two population, I love baby wearing while I cook or bake. Find a carrier (or carriers) that are conducive to the kitchen process.
  6. Have fun, be silly and enjoy cooking with your little one(s)!

whole wheat pita bread recipe

whole wheat pita bread recipe

Note: I usually double this recipe and keep some dough in the freezer for later.

Pita Bread

1 package (or 1 tablespoon) active dry yeast

1 teaspoon sugar

1 1/2 cups warm water

1 teaspoon salt

3 1/2 cups flour (I have used white, whole wheat and half and half, all with great success) plus more for dusting

1 teaspoon olive oil

In a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the yeast, sugar and warm water. Let this sit while you wash your kiddo’s hands and set up their measuring station (5 to 10 minutes).

Combine the flour and salt in a separate bowl. I let my 3 year old dump the flour in after I measure it. Salt too. He loves it and it work on his ability to follow directions. (Remember tip #4 here)

Turn the mixer on low and add your flour little by little (I use a measuring cup as a scoop). You can allow your child to help here, but remember that mixers are machines and their hands are little. Supervise accordingly.

After the flour is incorporated, I lock the mixer and turn up the speed (distract kiddo here and watch your mixer, they scoot around at high speeds). Knead this way until the dough forms a ball and pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Pull your dough out and knead on a floured surface until it’s smooth and elastic (if you don’t have the time to knead you can throw it in the oiled bowl right here and it will be just fine. Kneading is a good kid friendly task if you do have time)

Put dough in a bowl coated with the olive oil. Cover with a towel or plastic wrap and let rise for 1 1/2 hours.

Heat oven to 500 degrees.

Punch dough down and divide into pieces (kiwi sized for the kids and the size of a small apple for adults). Roll out the dough on a floured surface (This is where my 3 year old loves to help, he’s getting quite good at rolling these out). The dough should be about 1/4-inch thick. Try to make the circle smooth, with no creases or seams in the dough, which can prevent the pitas from puffing up properly.

Bake on a hot pizza stone for 3 to 4 minutes, or until the bread puffs up like a balloon and is pale golden. Watch closely; they bake fast. Remove the bread from the oven and place on a rack to cool for 5 minutes; they will naturally deflate, leaving a pocket in the center. Wrap the pitas in a large kitchen towel to keep them soft.

Adapted from the Food Network

NOTE: If you would like to be considered as a guest for Cooking with Kids, please email me your ideas. I may not be able to get to every email, but I will do my best!

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The Lovely List

Hello friends.

First, I’m happy to announce the winner of the lovely children’s bookshelf is Jennifer of Saturday Persimmon. I hope you enjoy it!

For those of you who didn’t win, but are still interested in gorgeous handmade wooden toys and heirloom pieces, please contact Living Forest Designs directly. They make great gifts!

These week, there’s a lot to love.

What do you think of the fun polaroids above? K and I had a great time taking polaroid pictures last weekend using this fun camera.

Why are mini things so darn cute? They just are, I guess.

Modern fairytale posters.

More adorable kiddo clothes.

Rugs are expensive. Consider making your own.

If I didn’t already have a secret crush on Bon Jovi, his pay-what-you can restaurant would be the ticket.

Maeve’s current favorite meal. Such an adventurous palate!

Maeve’s current favorite book. We love learning vocabulary and pointing at pictures.

Finally, someone made a pretty mousepad.

This video had me dancing and that is quite a feat.

Have a great day.

Tomorrow, I have something yummy for you on the blog. Stay tuned . . .

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The Lovely List | All Things Baby

baby shopping guide

Suddenly, I look around and everyone is pregnant. It’s incredible.

I love seeing those bumps and the excitement on the radiant face of an expectant mom. My heart sings. So, today, I dedicate this to all of you. It’s a list of the products I use most often for my little red fox. Mind you, it’s not an exhaustive list. I just don’t have the brainpower to manage such a thing. However, feel free to drop me a line if you have a specific question. I’d be more than happy to answer!

My favorite carrier.Hurray for back support! I’m delighted to tout the Gemini because there was a great deal of trial and error involved in finding a good carrier.

I also love slings for a quick jaunt. These ones are quite pretty.

A fabulous bathtub for your newborn! The best part about the Puj tub is that it you can hang it flush to the wall when you’re done.  There’s no bulky storage issue, which is fabulous for small houses.

Gentle and organic baby wash.  Unscented!

A hooded towel for baby.

Itty bitty nail clippers.

Some great baby bottles that are BPA free and designed to prevent gas.

I cannot mention these mesh food feeders enough. They are wonderful for helping your baby explore new foods.

We also found her Bumbo Baby Seat indispensable for feeding until she could sit up unassisted.

Amazonfresh, I love you because you make my life a great deal easier. I never thought I’d use such a service, but I really appreciate the ease it provides.

Cloth diapers. I worried they might be hard to handle, but I actually think they work far better than the disposables. I have about 24 of them and it’s just right.

You will love the Boppy Pillow for breastfeeding. Without it, I get awful arm cramps. Oh, and cute covers are hard to find. I wish I had a good suggestion, but I don’t!

And, while we’re on the subject of breastfeeding, I recommend getting a breast pump if only to give yourself a bit of freedom. The pump allowed me to leave the house for more than a 2 hour stretch, which is important for tired mamas to stay sane! Let your partner bottle feed the wee one. It’s good for bonding, after all.

A soothing white noise application on the iphone was essential during the early months to help Maeve off to dreamland. We used this docking station in her room to play it. It was also useful at the hospital during labor. Don’t forget to make your playlist!

As far as sleep is concerned, you might also consider a sleep sack, black-out shades, and a night-light for nighttime breastfeeding.

I adore my BOB stroller. Is it possible to truly love a stroller? I think so! It rides like butter and, in a city as muddy as Seattle, I am so very thankful for those thick wheels. I used the infant car seat adapter as well so that I could just move Maeve from her seat and into the stroller without waking her. Brilliant stuff, those adapters.

A warm car seat cover saved us during the brutal winter months. Maeve stayed nice and toasty.

These swaddle blankets are great and substitute as burp cloths in a pinch. However, you don’t need a thousand of them. Just a few will do you fine.

Speaking of burp cloths, I like these a lot. However, I also sewed some as well.

Fancy baby bedding is wonderfully cute, but not so practical. I went for inexpensive bedding at Ikea and I love it!

Simple board books. You will need many of these, but Maeve really enjoyed the simple primary colored books at the beginning. These days, she prefers eating these indestructible types.

I could go on and on about toys, but that seems even more subjective than most things. I will say, however, I love having toys I can connect to Maeve’s car seat. Toys like this are great. These link rings make connecting toys so easy. I used them on my baby carrier and stroller as well.

I would love to talk to you about teething, but my little one is toothless so far! I hope to update soon, or do I?



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