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Hello | Happy Halloween

easy pumpkin bread recipe

I started to write this post about 100 times. I don’t know why it was so hard, but it was. It was tough and time was tight.

First, I thank you a million times over for your emails and messages. It’s wonderful to know you care and you wonder. I like that. I like it so much.

So, here goes.

No, I’m not pregnant.

Yes, I took a break.

And, yes, everything is good. It’s great even. read more »

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Home Again + Some Biscuits to Share

Good to the Grain Cheddar BiscuitsWhen I was a teenager, I could sit on my bed for hours with a stack of fashion magazines and a bottle of fizzy water. I didn’t do it everyday. I was far too busy on most days dividing my time between angst and working after school. But, on the days when time permitted, it was my quiet respite from the world. I think back to those afternoons and feel warm and wonderful with memory. It’s funny to think about, really. Those weren’t life-changing afternoons, but they were important. Those tiny moments stolen whenever possible are life’s greatest indulgences. But certainly things change. I can no longer imagine being confined to my bedroom for hours without being terribly stricken with illness. I also don’t have a single subscription to a fashion magazine although I might change that as soon as I finish this post. I still do enjoy copious amounts of fizzy water, sitting still, and reading. On those rare evenings when everything works out perfectly, I might find myself on the couch in the early evening with a cup of the good stuff and a stack of fresh cookbooks.


A good cookbook can reel me in just like a good novel. It’s just as addictive, I find. But it’s not the rough cut pages, gorgeous typeface, and mouthwatering photos, over which I fawn. Those elements are wonderfully seductive, but they are merely the icing on the cake.  All too often, such things are distractions. You peel away the icing and find little substance beneath. Every now and then, however, I find a true gem on my hands. That’s what I found in Good to the Grain. This book is a lovely tome of baking written in a truly generous manner. Boyce shares much about her world and the tools of her trade. She does so matter-of-factly without flowery writing or fluff. And, although the book is bursting with imperfectly gorgeous food photography, it’s the recipes and helpful discussions that are the real deal here. This is a concise manual of baking written by a mother who, in the quest to feed her wee ones healthy foods, developed a groundbreaking collection of whole grain baking recipes. I was riveted and not the least bit disappointed.

Good to the Grain Cheddar Biscuits read more »

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The Lovely List

This week, I squeezed a fair amount of sunscreen onto a toothbrush. I also put milk in the freezer and made very gritty coffee when I forgot to use a filter. I’m not quite sure where my head is right now. I’ll be back before the week is done, but here are some links to keep you occupied.

I’m dying to see this movie. Please baby-sit for me.

Do you DIY? Learn to make lots of stuff here.

Freckle cream– it’s miraculous in so many ways.

Are you a messy cake froster? Never again!

I think this might be the most perfect baby shower gift.

My new favorite etsy store. I love bird art!

I’m no artist, which is why I love paint by number kits.

Very sweet DIY plant labels.

Are you visiting Seattle soon? Have you seen my offbeat guide?

When I returned from France, no one believed me that I met women there who drank diet shakes at every meal. Here’s my proof.

Remember when Mike Tyson bit that guy’s ear off during a match? Well, he’s a vegan now along with many many others.

Finally, did you catch me on Design Mom last week?! You probably didn’t know about my previous career . . .

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The Lovely List + Vacation Photos

Psst. Mother’s Day is this weekend. Here are some last minute card ideas.

That’s all I’m going to say about that because there are fun things to share.

I’m always a sucker for a good cafe. This one looks so inviting!

Some baby clothes that really hit the mark.

You don’t have to be a bird nerd to appreciate watching graceful birds nesting. The sound on this web cam is better than any sleep machine.

Watch a young girl grow up. Very sweet.

I love this. A garden book for kids.

Make your own sophisticated cord basket. This is on the list thanks to pinterest.

Everyone is talking about Paris in Color. I can’t wait to see it!

Breakfast is one of the best things in life. Have you seen this tumblr?

Beautiful artwork. I’ll take one of each.

I’ve included some pictures from our trip to Arizona last week where we visited Oatman, AZ. They town is full of donkeys left there by miners years ago!




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