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The Lovely List

K and I went on a date this week. It was fantastic. We saw Moonrise Kingdom and loved it! I keep thinking about it. So dreamy.

How about you? Any dates? Good movies? I hope to have many many date nights in my future.

Speaking of romantic things, how do you like the above picture? I adore it. It’s from K’s most recent engagement shoot.

Here are some more fun links.

Alphabet cookie cutters.

An extremely sweet handmade wedding card.

Who knew ottomans could be so darn cute?

A set of nesting bowls. Everyone needs some.

Sometimes, I dream about being a farmer.

I made ricotta again this week. Have you made it at home yet? You should. It’s delicious.

Can a steak sandwich possibly be better than a burger? Hmmm . . .

I saw a woman at the airport last week attempting to get through security with a bucket of coke. I’m not kidding. There was a handle on that thing. Is this normal soda consumption? What do you think?

Fava beans without the work of peeling and shelling? Hooray!

Oh, and I nearly forgot. What do you think of the new look around here? It was really a team effort to spruce up the blog and I have to give MANY thanks to Rachel. She was the real workhorse on this project!

Have a great weekend!

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The Lovely List

I am in love with the above photos. K took them during a recent photo shoot. They’re so springy and inspiring!

It’s just what I need to start the week. Well, that, and a few fun links. It’s been so busy lately, but I have a great recipe to share in a couple of days.

Maternity swimwear that’s not hideous.

Hooray for authenticity in blogging.  I couldn’t agree more.

What does Courtney Love eat? Yikes.

Someday, I will make Maeve a fort.

In the meantime, I will just continue to buy her cute clothes like this and this.

Wee bedding. So gorgeous.

Genius. Iphone business cards.

It’s sunny outside and I could really use some new hip sunglasses.

My latest cookbook acquisition. Loving the clean bright foods.

Silly summer fun. Cat ice cubes.

Turn an ordinary mason jar into a travel mug!

Pretty pegs for your furniture. Why didn’t I think of that?

Studded t-straps.  On the list.


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The Lovely List

It was a rough weekend. I’ll explain more later this week, but here are some links and fun pictures for a brighter Monday!

I firmly believe anytime is a good time for chocolate. Learn how to make your own pretty chocolates here.

Crafty and cool jumbo cross-stitch.

You might not have time for a trip to the museum, but you can explore some pretty amazing art on-line through the Google Art Project.

An affordable pop of pastel color for your ears.

I want every single one of these amazing drawings.

And, while I’m on the subject of decorating, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have gorgeous floor cushions for the kiddos?

Where’s Walrus? This is such a sweet book. It’s Maeve’s new favorite.

I’m a real sucker for adorable lunch containers.

Cheese is good for you. I knew it!

A very clever kitchen tool.

More lovely kitchen knives.

I’ll see you mid-week. In the meantime, please pop me an email if you’re interested in advertising here next month!



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Lovely List | Easter Roundup

We’re home and it feels so good. I missed this place despite the rain and gray skies. I still cannot quite get used to a rainy Easter, but it’s fun to brighten it up with pretty things. Here are some of my favorite Easter bits from around the web.

DIY eggs from silk neckties. Pretty incredible.

Vibrant DIY eggs with Rit dye.

DIY speckled eggs.

Wooden bunnies.

Paper bunnies.

DIY cloth bunny puppets.

Make your own bunny kit.

A very sweet bunny bowl for the wee one.

Spring pudding from delightful Sweet Paul Magazine.

Hot cross buns glazed with apricot jam (pictured above) are always a favorite. Or, possibly an apple oven pancake?

I just can’t resist sweet bunny cookies.

A pretty pink necktie for the ladies. And, one really sweet bow for the wee one too.

Scalloped white shoes.

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