The Lovely List

K and I went on a date this week. It was fantastic. We saw Moonrise Kingdom and loved it! I keep thinking about it. So dreamy.

How about you? Any dates? Good movies? I hope to have many many date nights in my future.

Speaking of romantic things, how do you like the above picture? I adore it. It’s from K’s most recent engagement shoot.

Here are some more fun links.

Alphabet cookie cutters.

An extremely sweet handmade wedding card.

Who knew ottomans could be so darn cute?

A set of nesting bowls. Everyone needs some.

Sometimes, I dream about being a farmer.

I made ricotta again this week. Have you made it at home yet? You should. It’s delicious.

Can a steak sandwich possibly be better than a burger? Hmmm . . .

I saw a woman at the airport last week attempting to get through security with a bucket of coke. I’m not kidding. There was a handle on that thing. Is this normal soda consumption? What do you think?

Fava beans without the work of peeling and shelling? Hooray!

Oh, and I nearly forgot. What do you think of the new look around here? It was really a team effort to spruce up the blog and I have to give MANY thanks to Rachel. She was the real workhorse on this project!

Have a great weekend!

Home Again + Some Biscuits to Share

Good to the Grain Cheddar BiscuitsWhen I was a teenager, I could sit on my bed for hours with a stack of fashion magazines and a bottle of fizzy water. I didn’t do it everyday. I was far too busy on most days dividing my time between angst and working after school. But, on the days when time permitted, it was my quiet respite from the world. I think back to those afternoons and feel warm and wonderful with memory. It’s funny to think about, really. Those weren’t life-changing afternoons, but they were important. Those tiny moments stolen whenever possible are life’s greatest indulgences. But certainly things change. I can no longer imagine being confined to my bedroom for hours without being terribly stricken with illness. I also don’t have a single subscription to a fashion magazine although I might change that as soon as I finish this post. I still do enjoy copious amounts of fizzy water, sitting still, and reading. On those rare evenings when everything works out perfectly, I might find myself on the couch in the early evening with a cup of the good stuff and a stack of fresh cookbooks.


A good cookbook can reel me in just like a good novel. It’s just as addictive, I find. But it’s not the rough cut pages, gorgeous typeface, and mouthwatering photos, over which I fawn. Those elements are wonderfully seductive, but they are merely the icing on the cake.  All too often, such things are distractions. You peel away the icing and find little substance beneath. Every now and then, however, I find a true gem on my hands. That’s what I found in Good to the Grain. This book is a lovely tome of baking written in a truly generous manner. Boyce shares much about her world and the tools of her trade. She does so matter-of-factly without flowery writing or fluff. And, although the book is bursting with imperfectly gorgeous food photography, it’s the recipes and helpful discussions that are the real deal here. This is a concise manual of baking written by a mother who, in the quest to feed her wee ones healthy foods, developed a groundbreaking collection of whole grain baking recipes. I was riveted and not the least bit disappointed.

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The Lovely List

Maternity Photo Achowlife

Just when I feel like I’m back in the swing of things around here, we are away again. It’s just a short trip. You’ll barely notice I’m gone. In the meantime, here are a few things.

First things first, Shelly is having a baby girl! I am over the moon with happiness for her. What a lucky baby to have a mama who is such a gifted chef! Darling Ilke suggested we have a food-related babyshower for Shelly with our suggestions for freezer meals. It’s a fabulous idea, right?

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Strawberry Balsamic Tarts | Summer in Seattle

Strawberry Balsamic Tart recipe

I didn’t really expect to be away from here for so long. It wasn’t a planned absence. I went away on a little trip with K and then thing after thing got in the way of coming back here. These weren’t bad things. They were mostly good things. There was a surprise visit from a dear friend who moved away last year. There were many trips to the park, some hikes, and a bit of indulgent shopping here and there. It was mostly great although I wish I could tell you it was all relaxing. This is always a hard time for our family. It’s wedding season, which means K is gone a lot. He is off on airplanes and in rental cars memorializing people’s special days. He has such fun out there doing his dream job, but we miss him terribly. And, admittedly, I cook less and don’t photograph nearly anything in his absence. I also tend to go nearly insane, but that’s an entirely different story more appropriate for an intimate discussion to take place at a later date (at a bar).

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