Homemade Chocolate Truffles Gift for the Holidays

Homemade Chocolate Truffles Gift for the Holidays featured image

Many things in life bring back memories when you see familiar items that gave you joy in your younger years. The same applies to the smells and ambiance that make eating such a clear example of the enjoyment of life itself. These smells and aromas instantly trigger a feeling that transports you back to moments in your life that were instantly recognizable.

For this reason, some things cannot be easily forgotten and are cemented in your mind as that permanent reminder of what makes life so great. The smell of popcorn can take you back to those days when going to the movie meant something special. Other times, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee is your daily wake-up call of that first experience from enjoying a cup of great-tasting coffee.

But despite the senses that you experience in life, one enduring sense is the anticipation of taste. The sight of your favorite candy invokes a childhood experience that you can actually remember how it tasted right away. So when it comes to the taste of truffle chocolates for the first time, you recall immediately the decadence or what might be considered moral sin on your taste buds is immediately brought back.

What’s so great about chocolate truffles?

Chocolate Truffles serving in bowls

Unlike regular bonbons, truffle chocolates represent parts of your life that are stimulating and remind you of days-gone-past that most people don’t remember. Chocolate truffles will be the iconic example of top-shelf chocolates that instantly create respect. But the most important part is how they’re presented, and that’s why giving chocolate truffles will set off the emotion, and elation of anyone who understands why these delicacies are so honored.

Why is packaging part of the presentation?

Chocolate Truffles in gift box with purple background

We’re not talking about circus sideshow history here, since the fact that 90% of the American public might never know who P.T. Barnum was… But when it comes to creating an epic presentation for chocolate truffles, you need to know some steps that invoke an era that demands mystery and intrigue.

Today’s audience knows the value of what a gift means, and that reaches far into the mind of nostalgic thinking members of our society.

Great packing ideas

Chocolate Truffles packing box with flowers

No matter where you start, the act of gift-giving starts with how you present your chocolate truffles- hand down. Gift boxes can be as simple as white cardboard, but the packaging is evident to make the mystery and tension build further. This all depends on the type of textured paper that you choose to wrap your box within. You can go as simple as using natural kraft paper made that has loads of pulpy texture.

What makes any gift even better is to add origami instead of a typical bow made from the same type of paper. It’s an instant reminder of how creative we can be with 100% natural craft paper can be. It also allows stamps and tempera paint to give these surfaces lively colors and near-antique surfaces. In this day and age where traditional printed paper is considered wasteful, craft paper gives an echo of the past without losing its’ elegance.

Where to get great ideas for gifting chocolate truffles?

different gift box's ideas for chocolate truffles

Start with looking at Pinterest and Google search for ideas, since there’s no better way to find current ideas. You can create simple packaging ideas using items that you already have in your home. Your friends and family will be blown away with simple tips by your DIY examples found online. Even if you bought chocolate truffles from a bakery or homemade, how you present these tantalizing treats will become instant cherished memories. See more of our great ideas at achowlife.com