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Marinara sauce Featured image

Traditional Meat Marinara and Its Endless Uses

The original Marinara sauce makes a wonderful topping for many types of pasta and is the pinnacle for many more recipes that allow this...
Lasagna Featured image

Frozen Meat Lasagna – The Ultimate Comfort Food On-Demand

One of the few pleasures in life is comfort food and let me tell you, there are many things that you'll want to have...
Spaetzle Featured image

Making Traditional Spaetzle

We often forget that many dishes that we take for granted had at one time had come from Europe and were adapted into Americanized...
Kugel Featured image

Easy Noodle Kugel | The Ultimate Comfort Food

Once again I want to bring up another facet of comfort food, homemade Kugel. It can be enjoyed on those days when you're feeling...

Acorn Squash Macaroni and Cheese

One of the oldest foods that every college student knows all too well is obviously Mac and cheese. It's the ultimate fitting food that...

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